Top 5 tips for adjusting to life in retirement villages

Retirement villages and retirement houses: How to choose the ideal home
May 9, 2015

Life in retirement takes some getting used to.

We are here to give you the top 5 tips for adjusting to this exciting new phase of your life in a retirement village in Nelspruit, White River or Barberton.

Moving into retirement villages will give you the freedom you are looking for.

Moving into retirement villages will give you the freedom you are looking for.

Settling into retirement, whether it is in a retirement house or in a retirement complex, is a tough move and it is the last move that you will probably make. So adjusting to life in your new environment is an important step towards settling into retirement. Choosing a retirement age is a difficult first step and it can be difficult to decide just when the right time to retire will be. Choosing where to retire is another difficult choice. Many of us have a dream that we will retire somewhere away from the big city life.

Retirement villages in Nelspruit, White River or Barberton are a popular choice because they are very quiet while at the same time they offer the same comforts that city living can provide. Retirement houses in the various Lowveld towns offers those who choose to settle here a relaxing experience that is unlike anything you would find in the rest of the country. With mild winters and hot summers, those who will settle in the Lowveld during their retirement years are going to be able to enjoy an active, outdoors lifestyle.

But when the time comes to browse retirement houses and select one, you can use our 5 tips to help you to adjust to this new way of living as a retired person.

  1. Start early planning

Planning your retirement is not something that is going to happen overnight. While most of us know that our retirement is inevitable and while not all of us will retire by choice, most of us have a nest egg put away to financially cover us for the day that we choose to retire. Retirement is a great time of life as it is finally the time that you have to relax, travel, to sleep as late as you like and to do those hobbies that you have always wanted to do.

Retirement complexes are usually gated communities designed to give you privacy and security.

Retirement complexes are usually gated communities designed to give you privacy and security.

It is never too early to start planning for your retirement, and since the economy goes up and down the earlier you start saving the better off you will be when you reach the age of retirement.

  1. Consider how much space you really need

While you are younger and raising a family you might need a bigger home that has lots of space for your family to grow but as you grow older you might find that you no longer need the space and that you will be more comfortable in a smaller home. At this time of your life you have the opportunity to think a little bit more selfishly and find a small home, or cottage, which will meet your needs.

The same way of thinking can be applied to your car. You possibly don’t need to have a big car anymore however on the other hand this is your time of life and after working your whole life you can invest in a car that you have always wanted and you can even buy that luxury car to go on your adventures in.

  1. Make some new friendships while taking care of the old ones

Now is the perfect time to nurture those friendships that you might have not had time to look after in the past and reconnect with your old friends. Life can be hurried and busy when you are younger but when you reach the age when life starts slowing down you might look back to see that friendships have been neglected. Now is the time to start reconnecting and enjoying the company of those who you have maybe not had time to spend with.

Those living in retirement houses will have the opportunity to make new friends with their new neighbours. You might find that you have lots in common with those who you share your new community with.

  1. Take time to get used to a new routine

Rushing out of bed at 5 every morning to be at work by 8 is a routine that sadly many of us are drawn into and get used to. After 40 odd years of doing this it will be difficult for you to get used to doing something else. While getting used to retirement you might want to spend the first few days resting, sleeping late and generally being lazy. And you deserve it after so many long years of working. But you should be careful to not fall into a trap of laziness as it might prevent you from settling into a healthy routine that will enable you to be active and keep pushing forward. Keeping busy, exercising and picking up new activities are all important to your physical and mental health.

  1. Review your finances

When you are retiring it is best to review your finances and find out how much you have to work with. By doing this you will be able to determine the lifestyle that you will be able to live. This might show you that you need a part time job. Work together with your spouse, if you have one, and create a budget.

Retiring does not have to be a daunting or depressing experience, it is just another phase in life that we will all face. Settling into this period of your life will have many benefits and after decades of running around you will find that you now have time to relax and enjoy those small things that you might have not noticed before.

Retiring will give you the opportunity to indulge in hobbies and travels as well as rest after a life of work.

Retiring will give you the opportunity to indulge in hobbies and travels as well as rest after a life of work.


Retirement villages based in Nelspruit, Sabie and even Graskop, offer newly retired people the opportunity to live their lives in the most exciting ways. With plenty to see, and never get tired of seeing, and plenty to do, those who are looking for an active retirement will find just that while those looking for peace and quiet will discover that the Lowveld is one of the most peaceful places to live. With a variety of retirement houses established in this area of the world, settling here is something you are unlikely to regret.