Retirement villages and retirement houses: How to choose the ideal home

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The questions that you should ask yourself when you are selecting the ideal retirement village or house to suit your desired lifestyle

After a lifetime of working most of us have plans for our retirement. For some of us having our toes in the sand during our twilight years and retreating to a beach side retirement village is the ideal way to spend the time that we have to ourselves, while for others the bush of the Lowveld is calling. Away from the bustling city and the periodically busy sea side, the Lowveld is a haven where modern living meets peaceful bushveld. Living in retirement villages in Lydenburg, Dullstorm and Graskop are great choices when you are looking for a very quiet home away from the world, while selecting a retirement house in Nelspruit, White River or Malelane will be suitable for those who are looking for a retirement village in a busier place. Many people will choose a Nelspruit retirement village as these villages are country based but still lively.

Retirement houses and retirement villages are there to provide those of retirement age with a community of people to live with and at the same time also giving them the services that they might need such as health care and treatment. Retirement villages will give the residents the opportunity to be as independent as they like. But how do you start the process of choosing your retirement home? Selecting a retirement village is a commitment and careful planning will need to be done.

  1. Do you want to live privately while in your retirement village?

Apartments, cottages and communal living, there are a few living options to choose from when you are selecting your retirement village, in White River or Sabie for instance, and to start of the process you will have to decide what type of living space you will need. You can start the decision making by deciding if you will need any type of healthcare.

As we get older our health will tend to decline and should you suffer from health complications you will possibly want to select a retirement village that is close knit and has a nursing sister on hand. Should your health be in a bad way you can always select a retirement village that has a frail care centre where you can receive around the clock medical attention should you need it.

Some retirement homes will have communal living which will entail sharing a home with others. This is not always an option for everyone but it is the ideal option if you don’t want to live all by yourself in a house. Don’t let money be your deciding factor and always consider what you might need as you get older.

  1. Do you have a budget set aside for your retirement village home?

Most people will get the money that they need to buy a retirement home from the sale of their current house but this is not always the case especially these days when not everyone owns their own home. Planning ahead for your comfortable retirement will help you to have the budget in place to enable you to buy into a retirement village. Not all villages allow people to simply rent and the prices can be a bit high so do your research.

Planning a budget for your retirement is something that you should start doing early in life. Retirement policies are available from the moment that you are able to start working. This is something that all of those who are working should be considering. Having money put away might not be enough and this is when many people who have retired will start looking at getting a part time job to help cover some of the expenses that they have.

Planning ahead: do your research on retirement villages and retirement houses

Planning ahead: do your research on retirement villages and retirement houses


Having a part time job is not an altogether bad thing as it will help to keep your mind and body active. After many years of work this is something that many people choose as walking away from work is not an easy decision, for more than financial reasons. looking for a quote click here

  1. Do you want to live in a village that has many activities and other services?

Research is very important when you are buying into a retirement village. Shopping services, transport services and cleaning services are offered by many retirement villages and these services will make your life easier and remove the stress that you might otherwise have had to deal with. You should also try to find out what activities they have. Some retirement villages have clubs, social gatherings, sports and games. The different retirement villages will have their own cultures which will allow for a more formal setting while others may have a more laid back casual environment.

Being involved in activities as you get older is highly important as it keeps people active, energetic and it can contribute to a longer life.

  1. Do you know where you want to retire?

Choosing the right town or location where you want to live out the rest of your life is not a decision that you should rush into. Before you settle on the town you should visit it a few times and get a feel for the place. If you have always wanted to live by the ocean then there is nothing to stop you from doing that now.

When visiting the area you can find out what the retirement villages are like and you can visit them. Visiting the various retirement homes and retirement villages in Sabie, Nelspruit and Komatipoort or retirement houses at the coast will give you a better understanding about what you can expect your life to be like while living there and you can also ask them all sorts of questions.

Retirement villages and retirement houses in the Lowveld offer residents a chance to enjoy long days in the sun.

Retirement villages and retirement houses in the Lowveld offer residents a chance to enjoy long days in the sun.


Finding the right retirement village is a must when you are thinking about retiring. The village that you will settle in will possibly be the place where you live out the rest of your life. Making a home in a village that has all of the services to meet your needs will make life easier and more enjoyable.