Enjoy retirement in the Lowveld

Enjoy peaceful living at Rubicon frail care centre in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
July 24, 2012

There are many people who’ve dreamed about retirement in the Lowveld and thanks to Rubicon Retirement Village this dream is now within much easier reach for many people. Rubicon Retirement Village is a peaceful development in the heart of Nelspruit which combines all the elements of its setting to create a warm and welcoming retirement village for its residents.

There are many reasons why you will love spending your golden years at Rubicon, many of which will help you to live in comfort and peace. The village homes can feature up to three bedrooms and double garages, with plenty of space for pets too. Some of the features of the development are:

•    Landscaped gardens: Rubicon Retirement Village is in the process of landscaping the entire estate’s gardens, having bought Boab Trees especially for this area. This will make your retirement in the Lowveld even more spectacular being surrounded by all the local nature and flora
•    Beautifully decorated halls and centres: The developers hired one of the very best interior decorators to take care of every aspect of decorating the village’s halls and centres
•    State of the art medial equipment: Only the best medial equipment will be available to help ensure a serene retirement
•    Kitchen equipment: The best kitchen equipment has already been ordered and will be delivered to the development shortly

There are plenty of other reasons why Rubicon Retirement Village is the ideal Lowveld retirement. Enjoy long walks through the landscaped gardens, keep your beloved pets with you and partake in the many activities available for residents.

Enjoy the security of a private retirement estate where you can spend the final years in your own home in peace. For a true retirement in the Lowveld, contact Rubicon Retirement Village.